And I’m Never Alone

Music is a huge part of my life. Music helps me calm down and is my companion. Music helps me focus and can be a great distraction…so congrats if you are now singing the song Never Alone (Barlow Girl) due to reading my post title–you have now been welcomed into my world 🙂

Anyway, when I have too much time one my hands (or just really need some good distraction…) I like trying to google random (or not so random) phrases and then either or to find new blogs that I might like to read…I really shouldn’t because I have been working so hard at cutting back my blog consumption, but I love blogs–someone asked me last week what my one thing was that I was really interested in…I think it is a really close tie between germs and blogs or maybe social media in general…but germs is only in there due to how much it interferes with my life…I would not say I ever enjoy researching germs…

A few days ago, I do not recall what I googled, but I came across the blog “Poop on a Hot Tin Slide” at …Yeah, I know, ick…but that is not what this post is about…I obsessively read the entire thing. I know that a lot of the things I think and do are not necessarily typical, and that can feel very isolating sometimes, especially when it seems like EVERYONE else is enjoying something and I can’t or everyone else has no problem with something and I am barely functioning because of it. I am so happy to read about someone who spends time contemplating how it could be possible to sanitize paper-based products. I found out this semester that notebooks–even just the covers–do NOT like to be washed with hand sanitizer…I do believe that UV kills germs, but for that to work it would have to be sunny and non-windy enough to not blow the pages away, and I don’t know how long the surfaces must be exposed to standard sunlight in order to kill the germs, but I am guessing it is an impractically long time, especially considering the number of pages in the average book/notebook/other paper item that might not seem clean enough…I would love to dunk my entire backpack and its contents in bleach when I get home from school every day, but papers do not appreciate the most practical ways of becoming clean…and I don’t actually own any bleach because if I did it would not last very long because I would abuse it…It really feels so good to not be alone in thinking about ways to actually sanitize things like textbooks and homework assignments.

I am also extremely glad that the “[name redacted], please just try to live a normal life” part of me doesn’t let the OCD voice take over and force me to wash nearly as much as the person who writes that blog…I might do a little more washing than I should, but the voice of practicality keeps me from washing anywhere close to as much as the voice of OCD in my head says I should–and I am very careful not to allow myself to buy industrial packages of sanitizers online …if I owned more cleaning supplies and if I had more time I would very likely be a lot more like her and maybe worse, but thankfully although school does add stress which makes the OCD worse, it also uses up a lot of my time which keeps me from implementing a lot of the practices that I wish I utilized…to be honest, I was also a little jealous of how confident she is in herself that she will speak up when she sees someone contaminate something and that she will, on occasion, refuse to eat something even when it is fairly socially inappropriate to do so if she is uncomfortable with how germy it is…I wish I had that confidence…although it is probably good for me that I do not…

Also, this is a video of her daughter…isn’t this girl adorable!?!?!


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