that’s me and my numbers

Well six is not a lot better than four, and I tried to see how long I could keep the blog with six posts, but it has quickly become evident that it is time to write another post…When necessary I can become okay with any number, but there are definite numbers that are better than others. Five is my favorite number. I also am cool with the number 2 because it is a backwards 5 and in the morning when I look at the clock it takes concentration to determine which is which…One and 0 are good…I am not a fan of three except when it is expected such as that there are supposed to be three dots in an ellipsis (and I love ellipses it you haven’t figured it out by now.) I also do not really like four, six, eight, or nine. Getting past 10 is great because it is a lot easier to make the numbers feel okay…I think Brittani thought my favorite numbers was related to OCD…I guess that makes sense, but it might just be who I am, because while I really really like having the numbers the way I want them, it is not a huge anxiety-provoker to have things other ways…it kind of makes me feel more safe and comfortable to have the numbers I like but it is a lot easier for me to cope with doing things with the wrong numbers than to be in a germy area…


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