There Ain’t No Disguising What’s True

(Song: Jesus Freak)

Confession: So my lack of posting or journaling the past few days has not been due to lack of time or lack of anything to write about…so yeah, about how I said that I can make any number okay, but have strong preferences especially below 10…well that’s why I haven’t posted…Seven is a good number, but the next good number is 10 and I do not know if I could come up with three blog posts all at once and I do not want to leave off at eight or nine…so I did not post…sometimes these stupid ideas hijack my mind and take my rationality hostage…just putting that out there…the part where I get overwhelmed trying to think of three posts at once and totally forget about the reality that I could post just one thing and *gasp* not have a number of posts that I like makes me think that maybe Brittani was right about the numbers being part of OCD…IDK…I studied OCD in depth last spring, but my main focus was on finding sources that said what I needed them to say for what I was supposed to be writing about, with the side goal of reading some stuff that was purely of interest to me or possibly to try to learn more to help myself…my ultimate goal was not to focus on myself and analyze how much of who I am is influenced by OCD…so yeah…

Someone once told me that a half-truth is a whole lie…I would like to be able to say that I live my life that way…however with the past that I have had, and the present I am in, it has not worked out that way…it is easier to tell a half truth on occasion to protect myself than to have a conversation I do not feel ready to have…but this post is my attempt at avoiding whole lies 🙂


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