I’m alive and I’m gonna live that way!


So I just saw an amazing blog post…so many great thoughts…and I don’t feel like finding it again to link to it ’cause that sounds like more effort than it is worth right now…What follows will be a combination that mostly consists of the other person’s thoughts moderately interpreted into my words…

You treat cancer, you treat AIDS, you treat broken bones, you treat diabetes, you treat asthma, but you don’t treat me; you teach me. I want to learn. You do not treat me unless I am sick. You don’t treat me for who I am, or for my personality.

In Japanese you can accidentally call a young girl an orangutan by the emphasis on one vowel. I don’t mean to say anything ridiculous or offensive like that, but it is not my culture so if I tried to fit in there it might happen, but treating me isn’t how you keep me from making mistakes like that. Teaching me on the other hand will help me avoid these missteps. Without this instruction my intentions are lost in translation.

Treatment implies disease or pathology which implies broken or needs to be fixed. I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed. I need to be taught. Teach me. I am your student.

The writer of this blog also said something about a snake eating its own tail and that sounded kind of interesting, but besides the great visual, I did not understand that concept or the idea it was intended to represent so yeah…doesn’t that sound awesome though?!?!?


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