I’m not who I was

(Brandon Heath)

I was looking at my list of goals that I wrote during the fall of my first year. It was really crazy to see how far I have come since I wrote that list. I definitely recognize right now that there are still a lot of areas in which I have a lot of room to grow, but I am not who I was. The list was labeled with “unrealistic alert” at the top. I wrote the list, but really felt that these goals were far beyond anything that I could possibly accomplish.

Well guess what! Of the 11 goals on the list, there are only 5 goals left to be completed. Also, the ones that have not been crossed off I have definitely made significant progress towards. It is really crazy that how far I already have made it is so much farther than I expected to be pretty much ever.

It is really crazy how far God has taken me in the past two and a half years. For example, the first goal on the list was say hi to friends unprompted. That is not going up to someone to say hi; it is simply when I come across one of my friends (not even a stranger) saying hi to her. That is something I can do enthusiastically now! It is so crazy to think that not that long ago that was on a list of things that I was never going to be able to do on my own.

As my abilities have grown I have also realized more and more how many more skills I need to be who I would like to be, but that doesn’t negate the progress that I have already made.


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