Sing until the whole world hears

(song probably not related to post–simply what is playing on the radio and comforting me right now…)

So I might have written about this already, but a couple weeks ago a girl from my school died. I thought that I was completely fine, that it really did not affect me. I have been realizing that it did affect me a little more than I had admitted to myself…I don’t really have time before I go to bed to really write out what I am thinking about…and really I do not think I need to re-hash it again because I have written about 7 pages in my journal today processing through my thoughts so my brain probably needs a break from that…

One way that I cope with struggling is to kind of go outwards and try really hard to support other people, usually putting myself down in the process…I am trying really hard to protect myself, but am feeling dangerously close to giving my sanity away…Sometimes I just wish God would give me his plans to read so at least I’d know what to expect even if I wasn’t necessarily going to like the developments.

A better title for this post might have been “Save me” (Save me–JJ Heller)


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