You just have to be positive. Alright, I’m positive; I can’t!

(Sermon on the Mound)

I am feeling really overwhelmed with school. I don’t even know where to start because I feel like so much has already been thrown at me. I don’t know what to do first. I had a bad start to the semester and I feel like I am sinking. To sink the ship just a little faster, it became quickly evident within the first meeting of patho today that the teaching style of this course was most definitely not going to mesh well with the learning style of myself…I am so overwhelmed…

and then there is pharmaceutics and biochem…

I also thought I got myself out of IPP TA’ing for this semester…unfortunately I am stuck there again because of my inability to say no. What the h**k am I getting myself into?

My only hope to get through this semester is God…

I don’t know how I will survive, but God does.

…and I guess if I got as far as looking to at least see what I am up against that perhaps I will be able to figure out how to decide where to start…


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