Life’s Gonna Knock Me Down, not Gonna Keep me Down

(Who you say you are–Britt Nicole)

Well so much for doing awesome this semester and controlling my anxiety/stress so that I can do better. I intentionally have been taking on too much in counseling because I feel like more is better…

And then by the second week of school–oh my–incident…The whole vomit incident set me behind and I feel like I will never catch up, especially since now almost a week later I am still barely functioning. I was starting to get close to normal…I am not drinking at school yet, but I am eating which is important, and as of yesterday I am using my lunch box again (albeit with extra washing) and I didn’t strip upon closing the door to my apartment and didn’t need to shower before I could eat, and my notebooks/computer/folders were allowed to touch my bed…huge quality of life improvements…

Then today in lab a girl told me that she had the flu–and the way she said it I am pretty sure she meant the stomach flu which is way scarier to me than the actual flu…then Anne sent an email with TWLOHA in the subject line. I didn’t read the email very carefully, but I am EXTREMELY AGAINST that organization…Don’t get me started on how much I hate hate hate it…

but I refuse to let that keep me sidelined in my own life. I will overcome. I might not have been able to eat the awesome brownies that Lee brought today that I really really wanted, but I ATE LUNCH!


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