Just ’cause they all do doesn’t mean we have to act like we’re in high school

(high school-Superchick)

I am not in high school anymore…and sometimes I need to be reminded of that.

Spirit week is a lot different in college than in high school–which is what initially sparked this post. This week was spirit week at school. The only time I participated in spirit week in high school was when it was worth extra credit, and I don’t really participate in spirit week very much in college, but I tried it once this week.

To my credit, not that many people seemed to be participating this week, so there is a teeny tiny chance that I didn’t mess up my attempt at participation, but considering the look Anne gave me at first when I said what day it was, it seemed like probably I messed it up.

In high school, spirit week was very predictable. It typically was:
Monday: pajama day (wear pajamas, also wear pajamas that coordinate with your friends’ pajamas if you are popular)
Tuesday: twin day (wear something that says twin on it; popular girls usually wear a pink shirt but might tye-dye shirts to match friends, teachers mostly wear dark blue or red, guys mostly wear dark blue or gray)
Wednesday: stoplight day (green=single and looking, yellow=not sure, red=taken, I don’t remember the other colors, but whatever color was either not taken or seemed least offensive is what I wore if I remembered in advance)
Thursday: matching day (dress like your friends, which for the popular girls usually involved making their clothing as hideous as possible, and coming to school with their hair looking like a first grader did it for them)
Friday: school spirit day (wear school colors–which included an insane number of choices at my school; for the popular girls this again involved strange hair and clothing, and sometimes face paint.)

So anyway, Tuesday was twin day at college so I wore a shirt that said twin. I almost never wear and first year it didn’t even come to school with me because I was afraid people would think I was smart because it has my ACT score on the back, but now people pretty much don’t really care what I think and they think I am smart, so it is not so bad to wear the shirt…anyway, I am not sure what twin day means at school, but based on the response, I am guessing that I got it wrong…so much for my attempt at participation…

Speaking of high school, I had a dream a couple nights ago that I showed up to PAWS (people achieving wildcat spirit–basically my high school’s equivalent of home base) when I was supposed to be in my fourth hour class and was freaking out because I was already running late. I absolutely hate being late and am usually excessively early–for example, consistently showing up for bio(?) multiple hours before it started first year for no reason other than to be sure I was on time. Schedule confusion was a concern my senior year of high school because I decided to take some hours off and therefore didn’t have a class filling every hour of my school day so when we had schedules that put the classes out of order I sometimes ended up with gaps in my day that I didn’t have anywhere to be, making it difficult to remember when and where to get to next…but anyway, that morning on my way to school I was freaking out because I couldn’t remember what my fourth hour class was…yeah…it took me until I was partway to school and thinking I’d go online and check when I got there to realize that I am no longer in high school and therefore do not have a fourth hour class…

One last thought about not being in high school. In high school a lot of kids were super immature. You would think coming to college that the maturity level would go up at least a little–I mean, isn’t college supposed to be for the students who actually care to continue their education and learn about something they have chosen? Well, at least at my school, it is hard to see any increase in maturity–in fact, the maturity level may have even dropped. It is really hard for me to understand how someone could think it is okay to not do their homework or reading and expect to do well, or to not study for tests/quizzes yet blame the teacher when they don’t do well, or to complain to the teacher that it isn’t fair that the test can’t be changed b/c they don’t want to take it that day–seriously? The teacher gets to make the test dates so that they fit the course well; that is not your job. And then there is the non-academic behaviors…I understand we are all people and we all make poor choices sometimes, but it just is frustrating how low the maturity level at my school seems to be.

Also, I am super glad I am no longer in high school, because this year would have been super stressful for me b/c there have been a lot of snow/cold days…not that the ones here have been less stressful, but there have been fewer here…


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