I am painted red by your blood

(Painted Red–JJ Heller)

…or maybe that’s my blood getting all over my notes and clothes…oopsie daisy…it’s been one of those days…okay, weeks…or months…these things don’t happen instantaneously…

I don’t really have time for this right now, but a lot is processing through my head, so I am going to just pick one topic as it floats through my head and write about it before I go back to attempting to do something useful with my life and not fail out of school 🙂

So the main idea is gloves.

First we will start with the least obviously connected concept linked to this idea…when I am washing and sanitizing my hands too much, especially when this is accompanied by inadequate lotion usage, my hands start to look at first glance like I am wearing thin red gloves, because there gets to be a somewhat distinct line at my wrist between the damaged skin and the skin that hasn’t been abused so much, so below my wrists the skin is usually reddish, sometimes with white patches and/or blood spots and/or cracks…and depending on the level of damage/healing either really dry, rough, wrinkles, or shiny skin… Right now my hands are at a level of healing where the redness does not extend continuously to my wrist…great 🙂

Next concept…I love when people protect themselves by wearing gloves. This is a good thing. However, I find that gloves tend to make people actually less safe. How is this? Well, let’s take a look at a little thing called cross-contamination. You probably wouldn’t touch raw meat with your bare hands then grab yourself a drink of water, and if you were taking out the trash, you probably wouldn’t stop to pick at the ABC gum stuck to the wall (if I am wrong about this then bear with me–I don’t always have a good handle on what life in the non-germophobic world is like)…but if you touched the meat with gloved hands, or had gloves on when you were taking out the trash would you take these same precautions? From my observations of the world around me, I have found that the answer is no. People put on gloves, touch things that are disgusting (animals for dissection, trash), then go on to touch notebooks, pencils, doors, waterbottles, cups, backpacks, or whatever else and go on with life as if they aren’t wearing gloves and have clean hands…although I agree that to some extent your hands are protected while inside the gloves, everything you touch with those dirty gloves has now been contaminated with whatever was on your gloves, and unless you are rather meticulously both keeping track of everything that has been touched and keeping other people and things from touching those things and spreading the contamination, and then going through and thoroughly sanitizing all the now-dirty items, then those gloves did you no good, because as soon as you take them off you will start touching all the things that are now covered in disgustingness from being touched by your dirty gloves. I cringe internally when I see thing…especially the more gruesome encounters like the visibly slimy pencil being picked up and used by a clean hand as if it too were clean, or the person who picked the gum off the wall then went on to touch a jillion things in the few seconds before I closed my eyes because my brain was going to explode…one thing that I really like though: a sign on one of the doors in lab to remind people to please take off their dirty gloves…don’t know if anyone pays attention to the sign, but it is at least a nice thought.


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