So Dry Your eyes of Angel Blue, Trust the One who Died for You

(Even the darkness is light to him–Michael Card)

At church the pastor said something really good and here is the best I can recall it based on how I wrote it in my notes: God sees the injustice. He sees the hard things, the teachers giving you a bad grade, the underserved pain. He knows. He’s guiding it and you can trust him.

I really want to be able to trust God with my grades, but it is so hard to believe that it can be okay to get bad grades. I hate it. I need at least an 94% to get an A in patho, but it didn’t go very well. There is one question in particular that was word for word copied from another exam…I really did look over said other exam…however I answered the exact same wrong answer again…

There were so many useful important things that I could have totally answered correctly…however a lot of things they actually asked about I totally spaced on…I could draw the entire page around that piece of information, but that little section was blank…so frustrating…I just feel so stupid…I just can’t do it. I am so frustrated…but crying and getting more upset about it now will not change my grade. It is all things that I cannot take back.


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