We chase the wind this gold can’t validate

(Real Thing–Remedy Drive)

so I was just thinking about gift cards today…or like a month or so ago when I planned this post…and can mostly no longer remember what I planned it to be about…

But anyway, gift cards always say “treat this card like cash” on the back, but gift cards are not cash. Money can be spent anywhere or put in the bank. A gift card is only worth anything if you can go to a specific location and present it…so for me a gift card to some places just isn’t going to do anything for me…I have made a lot of progress socially, but there are still things that just are really hard for me…For example, almost two years ago I won a gift card to this specialty candy store…well that is great, except that I was too scared to go there…and then my dad went with me when he came to pick me up from school at the end of the year, and I made it in, but was quickly overwhelmed and left without using the card…yeah, so that wasn’t going to be useful for me…if it had been a significant amount of money I might have tried harder, but even so I do have gift cards to multiple restaurants that have been carried back and forth for years because I just don’t really go out to eat…This is not to say I don’t appreciate when I get gift cards; I do really appreciate it, and sometimes it is really great as a way to push myself to go somewhere, but sometimes it just is so difficult for me that it is not really money for me…

Also, this reminds me about one year we gave out coupons for free ice cream at Halloween and one little girl cried because she was to young to understand that the coupon would give her ice cream, and was really upset because you are supposed to give me candy, not paper!

Sorry that was kind of random…


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