Thoughts of a Girl Adjusting to a Cross-Country Move…Again

…cross-country moves continue to be the story of my life as I attend college a few states away from where I grew up and keep coming back to my house twice a year…

It is really hard picking up my life and moving so many times every year, which is why although there was the real issues of things like what to do with my stuff and y’know, practical issues with moving back into the res hall at school, and there was the problem of my germ issues which could make life nearly impossible should the wrong chain of events occur, and the social issues that make it very easy for me to be taken advantage of in any situation which makes me wary of a roommate situation, especially with people I may not really know, but probably the real reason I was not interested in moving back into the res hall despite how many things about it I love (convenience, being able to study where I want when I want, a private always available quiet place to calm down and be myself on campus, being around for events but easily able to leave when overwhelmed), was that living in the res hall forces me home for spring break…Having one more move in the middle of the year, especially one that necessitates going to the airport (another fear-filled setting), was not appealing to me…Honestly as much as I hated moving off campus, the part that excited me and made it okay was the fact that I would no longer have to deal with the airport multiple times per year…First year my friend caught me crying one day as I was preparing for spring break, because just going to the airport was a terrifying experience for me, and then my counselor wanted me to try talking to at least one person while there and I was so overwhelmed because the airport was such a hard situation for me already and she wanted me to make it even harder and I could barely get through it trying to make it as easy as possible…so yeah, avoidance of the airport is the benefit to living off-campus…

So anyway, yeah, it is really hard to adjust. Because there was a storm last summer, some of the houses in my neighborhood are the “wrong” color now because when they got new siding they picked a new color. At my house the lights outside are wrong and the decorative shutters are wrong. On the inside my parents got a new clock that makes noise every 15 minutes and I just want to make it shut up and stop. The basement has been reorganized and stuff…and then there is the TV situation that was messed up when I got home from winter break…luckily my room is my own and it mostly doesn’t change so I still have a comfortable place to stay, although as I accumulate more and more things it becomes more and more cramped in my room…

There are a lot of things that I have multiples of to minimize the amount of stuff that needs to travel with me…but because of routine and comfort there are a lot of things I have multiples of that I still end up bringing back and forth because sometimes it is easier to pack a few more things and be able to keep using the same bag for church for example than to leave one bag at home and one at school and have to have more changes when I move…

There are some things that stay one place or the other though. I have lotion, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, conditioner, deodorant both places, I have brushes, combs, mirrors both places, I have aromatherapy, body spray, bubbles both places…I carry two pencil bags back and forth but have extra pens and pencils both places…I have a flute both places, bedding, towels, tennis shoes, boots both places…and at the end of the summer I plan to leave some t-shirts behind so that is one more thing that doesn’t have to go back and forth with me…some favorites/security items will likely still come back and forth with me and whatever is dirty at school will probably come home for washing, but I foresee this greatly decreasing the amount of packing I need to do, especially since even in the winter I tend to wear t-shirts a lot…

Changing location obviously also greatly changes my routines…no longer do I get up, shower, hang out, pack up, and go to school in the morning…and no longer will I see friends/acquaintances six days every week…the lack of structure is kind of challenging…also I want to eat all the time, and I want to eat meals at the times I’ve always eaten them, but dinnertime at my house has been pushed back a lot…

If I could just have a week off in between semesters (and just be able to go to the library to check out my books for the semester instead of needing time to buy them) I would gladly continue going to school year round, finish school a little earlier, and avoid all the transitions in my life.


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