Hey there fear, I’ve seen you here before

(breakthrough–Britt Nicole)

This is a show that I was alerted to by a couple other bloggers: 71 & sunny and ocdtalk .

Obsessive compulsive disorder is one of my research and/or internet entertainment interest areas, so I have seen a LOT of videos featuring OCD, and while many of them are well done, there are also some that make me cringe, not because they are showing things that are triggering for me, but because they are so poorly done, and others are SO boring, like okay, I get it, sometimes people wash their hands a little too often…you need more than that fact and someone washing their hands without narration or any editing to make a successful video…so I was pleased that a channel I associate with news actually had a pretty good video. It was called Children that Break Away, and followed one girl with OCD, kind of spot-followed another girl, mentioned a boy with OCD, and mentioned the big name in OCD, Liz McIngvale (okay, so this was one thing I felt should have been left out simply because she barely was even mentioned in the show, and it seemed that she was truly only mentioned due to the fact that she is a big name that could win some viewership…I am not a fan of their using a big name to pull people in without actually doing justice to that piece they are pulling in).

What I did appreciate was that this video did not minimize or make fun of the distress that OCD can cause, but it allowed the OCD’ers to retain their dignity–it showed them upset but did not film when completely falling apart. I appreciate that they could respect that these are real people with real feelings. I also really appreciated on this show that everyone on the show was in general very patient and supportive of the person with OCD. This is not to say that they were enabling or babying and not letting the person have a chance to try, rather, they were pushing but they were doing it gently and carefully. They could recognize the need to tread lightly, and generally asked permission before doing anything. They started small, but didn’t stop at the first sign of distress. They had a realistic concept of success, realizing that the OCD’ers may not be able to face the situation the way a neurotypical individual may approach the situation, but praising and taking joy and encouraging pride in successive approximations. I loved that even when a goal was not immediately met that any tiny sign of moving towards the goal was not minimized as no where close to enough, but rather was praised as if it were the goal itself.

I would be remiss if I did not also note that I liked that they focused on contamination fears, but didn’t make the show about hand washing…My guess is that it is very easy to script a movie about handwashing, but I am sure it is more difficult to understand and then to prepare a movie about the side of contamination that is not spent in front of the sink. So many times OCD is pushed off as “the handwashing disease,” but if it were really only about handwashing I really doubt it would bother me enough to continue to get help. It would be pretty manageable if it were just about washing my hands, but there is so much more to OCD than just a couple extra minutes in front of the sink.

All in all, I was satisfied with this video. I would have liked to go a little more in depth in places, and there were some things that seemed a bit unnecessary, but it was certainly not a bad video by any means. There were only one or two lines in the whole approximately hour long video that I disagreed with, and it wasn’t anything major, so if you are at all interested in the topic, I would recommend this video.


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