The UnGame Day 1

So I had really good intentions of studying patho hard core this summer in preparation for therapeutics…and things kept getting in the way…the current thing getting in the way is lack of access to the textbook…

A LONG time ago I got the ungame…I thought it said uno game on the box…it didn’t…it is a box of conversation prompts level 1 and level 2…I don’t want to commit myself to this forever, but I thought it’d be fun to have a five-day series of one prompt from each level each day…possibly to be continued less consistently in my journal later…and I have a thing about not getting the cards out of order, so you can be guaranteed I am going in the order they come out of the box…

Level 1: Toni wants to go camping so she can sleep in a tent. What do you think about camping?

I am not a fan of camping…my parents pay the mortgage so I don’t have to sleep outside. Also, our tent is a rain magnet…we were talking at dinner tonight about how if it ever stopped raining and someone actually wanted more rain we could do a service project and go camping so that it would pour…once the sirens even went off when we were camping…

Level 2: When Mike compares himself to others he doesn’t like himself. Do you like yourself? Why?

I think probably like anyone else sometimes I adore myself, and other times I think I am pretty worthless. I love that I think the best of people and can usually be hurt pretty badly by someone yet still after a few days to cool down be willing to continue my relationship with them as if nothing ever happened (even though I might still question them about it occasionally which can bug the h**k out of people…oops…) I hate that I get into testing situations and stress myself out so much that I forget things that should be so obvious.


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