UnGame day 3

Level 1: Some students do not respect the other class members’ ideas. How do you feel when your ideas are not respected?

I sometimes feel like I don’t really matter and maybe should just shut up…I mean, when you are only in a group work situation because you weren’t allowed to be a group of one and are only in a group because those people had space for another person in their group (and this is how groups tend to work) you don’t expect to have a very active role in the decision making process despite the fact that you will most likely be the one doing the majority of the work. I pretty much expect no one to care what my opinion is, so my ideas not being respected is just how the world works.

Level 2: Carla was disappointed when she was not invited to the party. Tell about one of your disappointments.

My second year of college I applied to be an RA for my third year…I didn’t even make it as far as the group interview, and I was really upset about that…it didn’t really help that during first year I had written out my introduction/welcome note to my future residents, and was so sure that was what I wanted to do…I know, I am an A to Z thinker and kind of skipped over the whole waiting until I was hired to start planning my floor programs and interaction with my residents. I went to find out why I didn’t get the position, and from what it sounded like, I was discounted and immediately set aside before my application was ever read because the person in charge of it thought I would be too quiet to do it…never mind the fact that I had been planning and carrying out programs with my friend who was an RA all year including helping with the paperwork afterwards, I’d been doing rounds all year, a LOT of people thought I already was an RA and acted as such (and I was happy to help them with whatever they needed as long as it wasn’t that they’d locked themselves out of their room in which case the best I could do was find an actual RA to let them in), I maintained a bulletin board, and in a pinch when everyone had made plans to go somewhere one night, a group of RAs discussing how they would work it out suggested that I take the role of RA on duty  for the night (as it turned out, a couple people’s plans changed at the last minute and they were able to get the night covered with actual RAs). All that to say, I was already functioning as an RA outside of regularly attending staff meetings, so clearly if I felt ready to handle the social requirements of being an RA I could have handled it…and the person admitted that they had looked at my application before talking to me and if it weren’t that they hadn’t considered me because of my quietness that I would have been a strong candidate…so yeah, that was really disappointing.


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