Umm yeah, the first paragraph I wanted to write I am smart enough to not actually post, because besides the fact that my mom would have just about killed me if she found out I had said it, I actually am smart enough to realize that there are some things that can be said in the privacy of my own home and at Bible study, but not on the internet in a forum where anyone can see it…(and if any friends see this and know what I wanted to say, please do not add it in the comment section or I can and will moderate your comment…)

Today as I was coming home the POTSC (people of the second chance) logo popped into my mind with the phrase “I believe in second chances.” I haven’t read that blog since high school and honestly don’t even know if they are still around, but that is not really the point…I was thinking about the phrase “I believe in second chances,” and was like, umm yeah, that is my problem. I believe in second chances…and third chances, fourth chances, fifth chances, sixth chances, seventh chances, eight chances, ninth chances, tenth chances, and so on…but unlike the intent of the phrase, I do not believe in those chances for myself–I am really hard on myself–but I wholeheartedly believe in those chances for other people, and that can be a big problem. Grace is a great thing, but at some point you need to realize that you are being taken advantage of and while extending grace is a good thing to do that you really need to stand up for yourself and either separate yourself from the person acting against you, or work with them to let them know that what they are doing is hurting you and let them know that it needs to stop–and if it doesn’t you will need to separate yourself from that person…It is good to extend grace and give second chances, but it is not healthy to let people walk all over you…

Another thing that is kind of dysfunctional is the way in which I tend to use my phone…The three times I am most likely to send a text are right before going to bed, while stopped to reapply sunscreen while biking, and early in the morning…none of these are very functional/convenient times to text people…at night, I send one text, and if the person responds I will likely not see it until the morning…probably annoying for the other person since I stop responding…in the morning I send the text but the other person is most likely asleep and by the time they wake up and respond I may very well have set my phone aside and forgotten about it…and if I send a text while out biking then inevitably someone will text me back (or possibly call me 😦 ) causing me to have to stop again…at which point I frequently respond…leading to yet another stop when I get a response back…kind of annoying when you are trying to bike to constantly stop for another text…now that I’ve noticed this though, I have a possibility of making a change 🙂

I feel like I had some other things to say when I was composing this in my head while biking, but I haven’t a clue anymore what those things may have been, so yeah…the end 🙂


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