UnGame day 4

Level 1: [skipping first card b/c it is create your own Q/C and I don’t feel like creating my own content right now] Brian wishes he had a credit card so he could charge things at the store. Say something about credit cards.

For me it is a lot easier to pay with plastic than to pay with real money. It is a social thing for me. It makes it easier for me to quickly hand a cashier enough money (if I pay with cash I end up with piles of coins because I can’t use them once I have them and they only disappear when I go to the bank)…it also makes it easier after the transaction so I only have my card and the receipt…with money it is hard because I have the change to deal with…and so I end up dumping the change and receipt in the bag with my open wallet…messy and really just asking for something to be lost…

Level 2: [same problem with 1st card] Bret broke his mother’s vase and blamed his little brother. Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do? Talk about it.

Well I have been blamed for doing a lot of things that either never happened or did happen but the suggested alternative option was impossible (I’m sorry, but I cannot walk through a locked door and no amount of getting mad at me for not doing so is going to change that). So one thing I do not mind writing about being blamed for is that 2nd year my counselor accused me of listening to another counselor’s session. I did not, and there are a variety of reasons why it is not even possible. Let’s see, issue number one: She leaves campus at 11–I am in class from 8-10:50 and go directly from there to the cafeteria to get food then go to my room to eat and get ready for my own counseling. Next issue: Motive–why in the world would I have any interest in listening to someone’s session? That doesn’t even make sense. I barely wanted to be present for my own session so why would I want to be there for someone else’s? Next issue: it would be rather physically impossible to listen even if I had wanted to. The year before I had studied a lot at the table that was directly outside the counseling office. Even there I wasn’t hearing sessions. I did hear Anne scream when she and Tiffany Gayle were hanging out in there, but I’m not sure if the door was closed that day. There was also a day (also with TGNP) that there was a parade of people showing up, getting candy, and leaving. After the first few people I started listening because I wanted candy too. The people who walked all the way in the room before asking I could not hear–I could only hear the ones who started asking while still in the hallway…but I still didn’t get any candy because even once I heard what they were saying and mimicked it to myself a few times I didn’t have the courage to ask for it for myself…plus Tiffany acted as if I were invisible for some reason, so I’m not sure she’d have had the same response to me as to everyone else…


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