UnGame Bonus day 7

Level 1: Sometimes Amy would rather sit and daydream than be with her friends. What do you like to daydream about?

Is it cheating to say I don’t know? I frequently think about the emails and texts I am working on inside my head or what I will say to people, but that isn’t daydreaming, it is just being distracted inside my head…sometimes in my imagination people randomly come up to me on the sidewalk as I go past and offer me red kool-aid but I am not sure if that is truly daydreaming either or just wishful thinking…I like kool-aid.

Level 2: On rainy days Amy feels depressed. When do you feel depressed?

I don’t know. I think depressed is kind of a strong word…when do I feel sad? Umm, also a hard question…I know I’m kind of cheating, but this is my blog and plus this is just a bonus day anyway, so I get to play by my own rules…some things that have frustrated me recently though: I am responsible for the email account for cru…and the password is not working…and I thought maybe I remembered it wrong so I searched through my old texts which because they are from a stupid smart phone they are not in order by date and time making it really hard to find what I needed, but I eventually found the password and it was exactly what I remembered it being…so yeah…and so I thought perhaps someone had entered cru into the password recovery system…but then I realized that I had no idea how to get to that from a non-STLCOP computer…and also that it was also very possible that since the questions assume that you are a person rather than an organization that for one thing it wasn’t super likely cru was in there and for the other thing someone would have likely had to have gotten really creative with the answers, so knowing none of the answers might make it interesting to try to get in…another frustrating thing: today is Monday and not only do garbage trucks tend to freak me out when I am outside, but today I am waiting for a UPS truck to come so hearing trucks is like teasing me over and over again…


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