UnGame bonus day 8

Level 1: [QC skip] The family decided where to go on their vacation. Describe the vacation you would like to have.

Well, a real vacation is kind of a foreign concept right now, but I suppose on a vacation I would like to stay in my sleeping bag in a small space in a hotel room that has chocolate chip muffins and donuts and grape juice and lemonade for breakfast and those individually packaged boxes of the normal cheerios. Also, I want a normal sized pool (25yds/25m/50m) that is heavily chlorinated. Maybe I could find a way to get my bike on vacation with me, too…although if I did that it would kind of discourage actually doing anything so I might as well save my money and just do a staycation.

Level 2: Jerry felt tricked by Tammy and wanted to get revenge. Did you ever want to get revenge? Talk about it.

I have wanted to get revenge many times. The vast majority of those times I realize that someone needs to be the bigger person and not retaliate, and if the other person started it, then it will have to end with me, but a couple times I have lost my cool and retaliated. I sometimes feel frustrated though that other people can get away with practically anything because I won’t complain about it and even if I did, I’d probably just get labelled a tattletale and nothing would happen, because who would want to hurt me…umm well, if my life experience has proved anything then a lot of people want to hurt me.


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