UnGame Bonus day 9 and a huge success!

So let’s start with something really amazingly awesome that I am pretty proud of! So this girl who shampoos, conditioners, and rinses her hair with only her left hand because her right hand gets contaminated from touching the bottles…she shared a cup with a toddler yesterday…as in taking turns drinking from the cup…Yeah, this girl who will NOT use a drinking fountain at work because of the germs on it SHARED a cup with a toddler…I can’t say that I will do this on a regular basis, or that it will necessarily even be something that feels possible again, but it feels so good to be able to do that! Socially I still feel pretty held back, and obviously germs are still an issue to some extent, but I am so excited to have been able to do this…and it wasn’t even like I was really focusing on doing exposure–I was thirsty and knew I couldn’t get away with getting a drink without giving one to the kiddo with me, but also wasn’t sure of my ability to keep two cups un-spilled and keep my kiddo going the same direction as me…

Level 1: [QC skip] Robbie enjoys cooking and sewing on the weekend. What do you enjoy doing on weekends?

I like the same things on weekends that I like any other day…biking, hanging out with adorable children, eating, reading blogs, working…I don’t see why my interests would change based on the day of the week…just sayin’

Level 2: Clark is writing a song about love and needs help. Share some things about love that he could put in his song.

Umm, well the things I can think about love have already been put into songs…Human love is fallible, but True Love is unconditional and never ending…also, I love Kati Morton. (not in the icky way, just in the she’s awesome way). She maintains a website www.katimorton.com and is on pretty much every form of social media, and is currently trying to gain nominations for the streamys awards on youtube in the Science and Education channel category. It would be awesome if you could nominate her!


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