UnGame Bonus day 10

Level 1: Sandy’s birthday is coming up and she wants to have a big party. Tell about a party you remember.

Well, parties are kind of hard for me, so I don’t have a lot of them, but I do have a lot of “private parties.” I like to celebrate things with myself. One of my most exciting parties was my junior year of high school when I celebrated my first year free of self-injury. I had skittles and juice bags and all sorts of other treats, and I also changed the way I spelled my name as a reminder of how God had changed my life.

Level 2: When Kathy had to give her speech she felt nervous. When do you feel nervous?

I feel nervous in most communication or social situations, because I feel like I do not know how to act or what to say, and I do not like the feeling of people looking at me. It is rather limiting, because I very rarely can ask for or obtain what I want. Yeah, I know frequently all it would take to get it is a few steps and reaching out my arm, but that would make me feel like I was being watched…other times all it would take is acknowledging out loud that I’d like some juice or a bagel or whatever it is that I’d like rather than claiming I do not need anything…


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