Moments of ME

ME: Oh no, I missed my moment of silence at 6:05pm for the bridge!

mom: that’s okay, I’ve been missing my moments of silence for the past 21 years.

(I heard on the radio as I was driving today that there was suppose to be a moment of silence at 6:05pm to honor the 35W bridge that collapsed in I think it was 2008 but I don’t really remember with certainty so I might be a year off…I do remember that night quite well though…I heard on the radio that the bridge collapsed and didn’t really think anything of it, because I guess it just sounded like the usual traffic/accident report interrupting my music…then my parents drove me over to the VanOverbeke’s house because they were going to drive me to the home hangout for youth group that night because it was at the Smith’s house in Prior Lake and that is a long drive and my parents probably had other directions to go with my brothers or something…anyway, so I got in the car with them and their neighbor waved us down and stopped them to tell them the news and how they reacted was when it hit me that it was kind of a big deal…and then we eventually got to the Smith’s house and went to their basement to watch the news on TV and I was hooked…for a while I was searching probably a bit obsessively about the collapse…)

And yes, I am procrastinating slightly on my assignments at the moment because I am trying to decide which to work on next, and my lack of decisiveness means sometimes I have to take a break and make a decision later…and this post didn’t take me long to write…


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