Woke up This Morning to a Sunny Day

(perfect love–Go Fish)

Most of the time I have a pretty positive outlook on things…I love having fun…but undeniably, some days can be not quite as perfect and idealistic as the world in my head…

You know the perfect time to get into a traffic jam? Well, on the day you looked at the clock and realized that you intended to leave for work 20 minutes ago but have not started changing clothes or packing food yet…duh…Yeah, so I was allowed to start my shift at 1pm, and was required to start my shift at 1:30pm…and I had looked at the clock just after 12:45…To the girl who had internalized the phrase “To be early is to be on time; To be on time is to be late; and To be late is not to be” before she’d even ever heard the phrase, that was pretty stressful…I did manage to clock in at 1:24, which to me is late since I am allowed to clock in at 1:23 for a 1:30 start time, and usually I am there way in advance instead of running in…but on the positive side, I remembered my name tag this week…super helpful…although I did forget the parking voucher that I found when I cleaned my room…

And yeah, so I go to work and we had a really interesting cartfill…half of SCN and half of PICU didn’t print…really not a big deal for SCN since most of them aren’t on anything anyway, kind of a big deal for PICU…and I guess we didn’t have the “A-team” working–most of them were people who have been with Children’s for a while, but just aren’t necessarily the best and brightest–someone asked me what IU’s were and I tried to explain the concept while I was working…and I’m not sure what went wrong in my explanation, but she somehow got the idea that 400IU and 1000IU must be the same thing…I have absolutely no idea how that happened…Also, this probably isn’t the fault of the people working that particular shift, but inpatient pharmacy has a really difficult time with the alphabet…it makes it challenging for anyone to find anything that doesn’t have a specific “home” but even more so for someone like me who isn’t there very often…you know, I would think Lacosamide 200mg would go next to Lacosamide 50mg (which I found positioned AFTER Lamotrigine, because the alphabet is hard)…well, I’d be wrong…obviously lacosamide 200mg would be sitting next to ondansetron…yeah, just one example of the extreme difficulty they have with alphabetization…Cartfill should have been super quick since the census was SO low, but instead it took us FOREVER…

And later it was almost 10 when someone dropped off a prescription and usually there is another girl who is not very good at processing prescriptions but really wants to be the one to do it, but these people had been waiting upstairs for a long time so everyone agreed that I should do it since I could do it so much more quickly than anyone else…and I figured if I typed it while directing people on helping it get filled quickly and teaching on how to write directions and enter insurance that I might as well be the one to sell and counsel on it…but the pharmacist whose shift had just started said I couldn’t…and when I start talking I sometimes just can’t stop so my mouth just kept going and I kind of felt embarrassed…but then it was time to go…and then I was trying to leave and my parking card for some reason was not letting me leave the parking garage…finally after 5 tries it worked though so I wasn’t trapped forever in the parking garage 🙂

Side note on work–I find it kind of strange that people who have been there forever as well as new pharmacists ask me, who barely ever works there, questions about how to do their job…the same thing happened at Walgreens with one of the techs though that might have occurred more because he graduated from EHS in 2009 so he probably figured out who I was when he heard my name–I had the unfortunate reputation of being pretty close to perfect in high school, and I hated it and my parents were worried when I went to college for the first time that I was going to intentionally sabotage my grades to avoid getting that reputation again…although as it turns out even when my grades are lousy I seem to have a reputation for being smart and no one believed me when my grades really were bad, and everyone just assumed I could pull up my grades just fine, but guess what?! I am not really that good at school–I put in a lot of effort to get the grades that I do, and at some point I have to accept that there is a limit to where try harder can take me…but anyway, yeah, I don’t understand what it is about me that makes people ask me questions…but the same thing happens at school–even though I have never been an RA I help quite frequently with res hall problems…and I love doing it…helping people makes me feel good…and playing tour guide to students/staff/faculty at my school and providing information is something that I am good at that can benefit both parties so I really hope I will get to keep doing it…although perhaps there are times of year like white coat fittings where I could be more productive if I wasn’t constantly getting up to help people find the office they are trying to get to…

but today is a new day, and it’s Sunday which means I get to hang out in the nursery…I am going to miss that SO much next week…I LOVE volunteering at Karis House, and that has been a really good fit for me–time to relax but an opportunity to get a small amount of homework in, and a chance to practice social skills in a safe environment with clients and counselors–but working with kids is my favorite…I am not in any way trying to discount my experience so far at KH–I plan on returning and loved building relationships with people there–but I guess the best way to say it is that I am moving from one good thing to another good thing and I will really miss my tiny buddies…


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