Nothing’s Gonna Stand in My Way

(Even If–ZoeGirl)

When I make up my mind to do something, I don’t give up easily. So shopping is not something I am a fan of…it often feels like people are watching me and I hate that feeling…which means that it is something I am going to force myself to do…well, but my family has five people and three cars and I don’t have a car today…and I decided I was going to Walgreens to buy freezies…but I can’t do it at the easiest to get to Walgreens because that is the one I am doing my rotation at and I wanted to pay with my phone, and I am not allowed to have my phone on at my rotation site at any time NO EXCEPTIONS. So I planned to go to the other Walgreens that is close by…except next challenge: I know my bike helmet is somewhere in the pile of stuff to make sure to bring back to school with me, but where in that pile I wasn’t sure…and being me, I decided instead of looking for it to go to the computer to look up if it was legal to ride a bike without a helmet…as it turns out, it is, so I decided to try to be safe and just go…and I got there and realized there is not a bike rack anywhere in the general vicinity of that Walgreens…and the light poles are surrounded by landscaping…so I locked my bike to a light pole, but the lock wouldn’t reach to lock the wheel so I just had to hope I could be quick enough not to have a problem…but I went in, bought the freezies with a kind of awkward encounter with the cashier, and got home successfully…kind of itchy because the outside makes me feel itchy sometimes, but there’s a success that could have been added to the list if I hadn’t forgotten about it early in July when life started crumbling more rapidly…


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