I once was lost but now I’m found, Ooh, Thank You

(Thank you–JJ Heller)

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but I have so much to be thankful for.

Yesterday my preceptor got off the phone and said that it was my school checking to make sure I was still alive…yep, I still have a pulse and am still breathing…I suppose it is good that they are checking that I am doing okay.

Also, yesterday I learned to put the phone on hold…I recently started answering the phone at Walgreens instead of just listening to it ring because I figured if no one was going to teach me how to use the phone I’d just have to teach myself…so it went like this: “Thank you for calling Walgreens, how can I help you?” and then the person started talking and I had no idea what she was talking about…”one moment please”…and then I described the conversation to the pharmacist standing next to me and she told me to put them on hold and ask someone else and I was like I don’t know how so she put them on hold and I tried to watch what buttons she was pressing and then I asked one of the other techs who looked at me like I was dumb but eventually took care of the call…and when people called later I experimented and figured out how to put someone on and off hold. As much as the situation at school has been horrible, it has also pushed me from capable of using the phone when absolutely necessary to being pretty functional on the phone…I still am certainly not a fan of using the phone but a few months ago I would have never decided to train myself on using the phone instead being completely content not knowing that…I train myself on a lot of things, but the phone is one that I’ve never seen as worth learning before…

I am also thankful that even though things at school are bad that I have one person whom I trust to advocate for me. I understand that she can’t force people to do things, but at least there is someone willing to look at the facts on my side.

I am thankful for the amazing friends that I have here in Minnesota. They have shown me that they really do care about me and believe in me. I am SO grateful for them, especially because I have been a mess this summer…My friends and even people I barely knew have seen me break down and cry and it wasn’t fun, but they kept being my friends and supporting me.

I am thankful that I am learning to avoid unnecessary situations that could make me feel uncomfortable when appropriate…like yesterday someone was getting a talking to in the pharmacy, and hearing people get in trouble isn’t something I really like so I skipped the prescription next in line to be filled since I’d need to stand right next to the people talking to get the drug I needed for it and moved on to the next one until they were done…problem solving 🙂

I am also thankful that even though it isn’t official that I am going back to school that I have been able to hold out hope most of the time and talk as if I am going back. I’m frustrated about a lot of things in this situation, but eventually I have to trust that something will work out and God’s hand will be in it even in the resolutions that don’t work out the way I was hoping they would.

I have been greatly blessed, and while God doesn’t give me all of my wants, he gives me all of my needs.


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