I was taking a nap in a dark hallway in Jones when Kim showed up and commented that it was dark so I offered to turn on the lights. She simply said that it was so weird that the lights were off (umm no it’s not–they always leave the lights off on the weekends). No that would be great. No thank you. That made me kind of upset–not that I need someone to thank me for every good thing that I do, but mostly just because I was struggling with the school situation so it wasn’t going to take much to upset me. I calmed back down and found a different spot to sit because I wanted to be alone. Then I checked my email and had an email mad at me for doing something that apparently wasn’t allowed when there was no way I could have known in advance it was not allowed. How the h**k am I supposed to follow rules that NO ONE EVEN TELLS ME ABOUT?!?!? Pardon my language, but I was now really upset…and then a teacher who I really like saw me crying in the hallway. SO embarrassing. She was super nice and offered to make excuses for me if I couldn’t make it to the tutor meeting this afternoon, but it was frustrating. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up ever again. Life is too frustrating. I don’t understand why God brought me here.


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