I will get you through the night

(angel by your side–Francesca Battistelli)

Little joys: eating fudge is like playing with play doh that is totally okay to lick 🙂

Little joys: I finished all the purple vitamins in the bottle and started the orange ones, and the orange ones taste even better 🙂

Little joys: eating in the cafeteria for the first time in over a year and finding that the problem with eating there was social and while it is a lousy study location it is fine for eating…and there are so many friends there!

Learning: be careful in finding the reading you are supposed to be doing so that you don’t get eight hours in and realize you are reading the completely wrong thing…

Thoughts: Sucking on a water bottle is more socially appropriate than your thumb, but it also makes it difficult to pay attention in class…

Thoughts: When you are so tired that you have to brace yourself to stand without falling over that is when you realize it might not be such a good idea to participate in more late night activities.

Advice: Please don’t lick the ground when you drop food…that is icky even though it sounds like a good idea inside your head…(umm yeah, when it happens outside that is probably a sign that I need to feed myself more…)


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