You’re my Savior

(Trampoline–Francesca Battistelli)

Oh my, God has used church the past two weeks to speak directly to my heart and give me what I needed to hear. In the words of Xerox the Scribe (From the Estherday Musical) “Did I just say God did all that? Well for all that to happen there has to be a God, and he has to work the night shift!”

Last week was about Esther, and while this was sort of a point in the sermon, some of my favorite phrases from the Estherday musical (which like you might expect tells the story of Esther) are “For such a time as this” and “I will go, and if I die, I die” There are so many good lines in that musical though…but anyway, I’ll just leave it at the sermon was amazing, and pulling in on a musical to comfort me during the day was also great…

This week was Jonah (cue song Big Fish–FFH). I don’t even know how to sum up how perfect this sermon was for me, but one thing that I do is sum up ideas that resonate with me in one or two words…so here on the quick summaries I can find on my bulletin: LISTEN, GRACE, SOVEREIGN, greatful (I know I spell it wrong intentionally sometimes), ASK!, reach out, perspective, SERVE.

I am not going to preach at you–feel free to check out the sermon tomorrow morning at The Journey or online at when it gets posted, but here are a few of my longer phrase notes…my bulletin is covered because that’s what happens when I am engaged…

  • Running says I know better than you, but some of us are subtle runners
  • God sent the fish. He was pursuing Jonah and never gave up on him. He could have used anyone but is full of grace and love and never gives up on his people.
  • Momentary pain vs. eternal joy (which will we choose)
  • God is not indifferent; God is fully in control
  • Serve: even if you are afraid that person will destroy you!! even if you aren’t sure you want them saved because they hate you!!
  • God doesn’t need legs to chase you–He’s already there–you can run from God but you can’t outrun God.
  • Some people in our city grieve while others are so indifferent they can’t even be sympathetic. How can we, as Christians, respond in love?
  • Loving Jesus includes loving people. There is no either/or because God cares about people.

And back to the idea of knowing God must be involved…I am so thankful that I had quizzes to grade today…grading is an activity that I find very calming and is something I am good at, and it pretty much is “me time” which although in some ways I feel like ALL I’ve had in the past week was pretty much “me time,” it was definitely a very needed break from the chaos around me…and I also am super thankful to be part of the Cru@STLCOP team. Being able to serve first years through that feels really good…although I really wish my “how to talk to first years” document got me a little further than name, where from, how’s school, because while I am certainly learning how to appropriately fill in the conversational gaps and ask the right questions and listen and respond to people, when it has been less than a year since Selective Mutism was present on your differential list (didn’t know this until recently…but I certainly understand why it showed up) you haven’t necessarily had enough conversational experience to fill in every blank space, and unless you want to have no unique identity and just be a copycat person you can’t just take what you’ve observed and mimic it word for word, intonation for intonation, into your own vocabulary, so it takes time to pick up and personalize enough material to fill in the gaps.

Also, between the fact that the internet at my apartment has stopped working (and I am considering just cancelling it as I learn to work around not having internet access) and that after a week of not very productive studying, I am really hoping to get some truly focused studying in and get myself feeling caught up in school–which is going to mean that hopefully my blog will be lovingly neglected for more important ventures…but God is in control, so perhaps things won’t happen that way and I’ll continue to just roll with what I am given. Haha, yeah, so I might disappear from my online world for a while or I might be writing all the time…life seems to keep me on my toes, and I can’t control what happens, but I can control to some extent how I react to it.


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