Life Before is Only a Memory

(Beauty From Pain–Superchick)

Oh my…so I intended to take a quick break and just read one blog…but I saw this news story, and really needed to post it to facebook, and that didn’t feel like enough so I’m posting here too…

Here is what I posted to facebook:

“In this impossible situation, I hope that whatever is said to that girl is not said in order to relieve adult anxieties in the face of horror. And this also, as a deep longing out of my own, long-ago shame and isolation: that someone larger and trusted by her, someone who pretends to understand this bewildering world, will hold her and give her permission to feel what she feels and, in some way beyond words, give her the courage to endure what she must endure.”

Article 1

Article 2

Video 1

Video 2

So a girl on a vacation I’m sure her parents planned for her to really enjoy became such a tragic situation for the girl, her parents, and so many other people who became involved…Oh my…words can’t even express how wrong this is that things like this happen to innocent children…I know that situation was hard for me to read about and would devastate my soul whether I was the child or the parent had it happened right now to me…I can’t even imagine it happening as a nine year old…I try really hard not to rank people’s hardships, because pain is pain and something that may seem minor to one person can mean the world to another, but I think if I were ranking things, that this ought to rank pretty highly…

Like so many other things, I wish I could just turn time back and make the situation turn out differently, but I can’t, but what I can do is pray. So yeah, I know I will definitely be praying for everyone involved in this situation…please join me if you see fit…

(and the link feature on wordpress is acting up so please let me know if any of the links aren’t working properly or go to a totally wrong page…IDK I am not a technology guru…and I was trying to do it quickly not to disregard the situation but because I needed to study and correct links was not an emergency)…


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