To smile instead, forget where I bled in the first place

(Stronger–Megan Landry)

Yeah, for once a non-Christian, non-children’s song…it’s not that I have a problem with other songs, but I mostly am only introduced to them via links to them on facebook or blogs so I don’t get addicted to them as often…This one I am pretty sure is from psychcentral about a year and a half ago or so…

That is not really the point…what I actually was taking a break to say was thank you 🙂 I am not exactly sure where you guys are coming from, but I am so excited that my community is growing…


I messed up the time zone on here so it is I think an hour off right now, but yeah, it makes me so happy that I am not the only person reading my blog anymore…(light blue is number of views so if you click to one post then another one or if you click to go to the next page of posts I am pretty sure each time counts as a new view…it is hard to know for sure since I can never know for sure if I am counting myself again or counting a different person…) (dark blue is visitors, and I am not sure if it goes by IP address or has some way to track devices…)

So yeah, thank you for stopping by and I hope you like it and will come back…and as always, I’d love  to hear your thoughts in the comment box below 🙂


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