Don’t cross the line Don’t Don’t Don’t If you wanna love you’re gonna get hurt

(Don’t–Stephanie Pauline)

Yesterday was a lousy day for a variety of very valid reasons, but my attitude towards those things partway through the day was definitely a contributing factor to the lousiness of the day. Yes, it was disappointing that when ABERT called I found out that I needed to re-start my search for a counselor, but my reaction wasn’t really appropriate to the situation…I let go of hope for anything good to ever happen and was frustrated that I was even having that conversation…yes, it is frustrating that every time I feel like I almost have everything set that something happens to make everything be un-figured out again, especially as I watch the sand fall through the timer closer to my deadline…

And yes, it was frustrating that my group presentation went horrifically, and the quiz I took was even worse, but emotion doesn’t change the past. The best I can do is move on and try to do my best on the rest of my assignments/quizzes/tests…

If I want good things to happen in life I need to be willing to hold on to whatever shreds of hope and goodness that are available instead of focusing on the possibility of being hurt again…Even in a world where it seems everyone is telling me what I can’t do, I can’t let negativity allow me to become another voice telling me what I can’t do (except for sucking my thumb…) (and on that note, I just want to say that it is really unfortunate that BJB insisted a couple years ago that electricity kills germs though, because I have used that as an excuse to suck on my headphones…)

Sorry, this was a really random un-well thought out post…but anyway, yeah, Stephanie Pauline is an incredible person and writes really deeply powerful songs 🙂


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