Ne me Quitte pas (Quick Comment)

(Don’t leave me–Regina Spekter)

Yeah, so in high school I wished so much that English class could be taught the way that French class was. While in English we learned to classify language and synthesize language, in French we learned how to use language. I loved being specifically told if you meet a friend in this situation this is what you say, and in this situation this is what you say. I loved that the way we were learning it was as a set of rules for social interaction, and really wanted that for English language.

As I began wanting to be able to communicate, the words would come to me in French, but while I might be able to directly translate them, I could not speak the correct English words for the situation–often because the direct translation is not what would actually be appropriate in English…

What is really incredible to me is that as I get more comfortable in social situations and am learning through observation words that seem to work, I no longer come up with the French for the situation before the English words come…

I still wish English were taught the way French was so that I wouldn’t need to learn by observation or guess and check, but it is nice to know that as I grow I won’t be stuck in my language issue, because it is kind of frustrating to want to communicate and have a language barrier in the country you have lived your entire life…


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