Show me something beautiful, show me something beautiful, I’ll show you the maker of it all

(Something Glorious–Revive)


Tonight I drove four first year girls to church. Three of them I met today. True statement: It makes my heart happy to be able to host new people to church (and to enable semi-regular attenders to get to church)…I have seen hospitality defined as opening your home the same way that you open your heart…and I think sometimes it can also be defined as inviting people into your car the same way you invite them into your life 🙂

I am also not going to lie, it is inconvenient to give rides to church. I give up an opportunity to jam to worship music. I give up the ease of catching up with friends at church. I give up the ability to hang out or get out when I’d like to. I may give up sitting with whom I’d like. I may give up the ability to run errands on my way, and then I need to stop by school to drop people back off afterwards…so service isn’t easy…but it is worth it. It is SO worth it!! Jesus’ command was to love the least of these and to make disciples of all nations. It was not to love those that are easy to love or to make disciples of yourself…Not that it is bad to love easy to love people, or to focus on yourself, but there is more to a spirit-led life than that…I may not get anything tangible in return, but the joy in my heart is worth every bit of inconvenience…It truly is beautiful to see a group of girls come out of church excited and asking when they can come back!…and it is times like this that I wish I could fit more than four people and myself in my car…but I really can’t afford to do more than that and potentially get in trouble, because someone was telling me that technically by Missouri law we shouldn’t have more people in a car than we have seatbelts for…which even if we could it isn’t safe, and I don’t really want to be taking other people’s lives into my hands…

Anyway, another reason I am glad to be able to introduce younger students to church is that someone was telling me I think it was a year or so ago that the sooner you can introduce college students to a church, the more likely it is that they will make it a commitment and attend regularly…so from that perspective, it seems like at this point in the semester the clock is ticking rapidly towards the end of the window in which it will be easier to convince students to give church a chance…and a final reason I am happy to give rides: last year because of my germ issues, giving rides was something that was extremely difficult for me. If it had really been an emergency I could have done it, and a couple times I drove Alyssa to church and cleaned my car afterward, but we would try to overpack the other drivers’ cars before we would add me as a driver. I wish that it weren’t that way, because you probably can’t understand how shameful it feels to know that people are kind of inconvenienced due to a problem you could solve if you just were willing to deal with the germs that the people might introduce into your safe haven…and people knew that I probably couldn’t do it and I really wasn’t even asked to drive…so yeah, just being able to give people rides feels pretty good…although that doesn’t mean I am going to start advertising a free taxi service on the side…Kind of like how it was a bad idea last Saturday to lick the wall just because I was proud that I could (umm yeah, I have no idea where that bad idea came from and it has now been entered onto my computer as off limits), there are other things that just because I CAN do them doesn’t make them a good idea…

So yeah, and church itself was a topic that sometimes can be a bit awkward: lust…I ADORE the Bible study Unveil (for women) or Dangerous Men (for men) by Lust Free Living, so I do know that the topic can be covered without being weird, but I also know that sometimes the topic can get a bit more PG-13 than I’d like to experience at church…so I was glad that church this week stayed on the safer side…I loved this: God has come and he didn’t abuse you or use you and you are free! This is the promise of the Gospel!…God has power over me and if he wanted to he totally could take advantage of my powerlessness and use it to cause me suffering, but instead, although he does use me to further his kingdom, he does it graciously with my best interest in mind. As someone who has been bullied quite intensely and hurt deeply and is aware of her vulnerability, it is comforting to be reminded that God, who has ultimate power over the universe, gives me freedom rather than using his power to abuse me. I can disappoint him, but he will continue to love me more and more.


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