To Find the silver lining…even when the sky is falling

(What faith can do–Kutless)

I hate staying up late, and avoid it when at all possible…so it is definitely not my idea of fun to stay up late on Saturday night…especially not staying up late Saturday night to clean up a soap-splosion…there are some parts of being a responsible adult that just aren’t very fun…but when the ONLY bottle of liquid soap in your apartment comes ricocheting off the shelf and shatters on the floor as you are going to bed, it is kind of important to clean it up that night before you have time to forget about it and have it become an even bigger mess in the morning…

I usually use bar soap at my apartment for two reasons…1. when I was younger I collected soap for a while so I have plenty of it…and 2. when the OCD was a part of my life having liquid soap would have been bad…not because I thought it was contaminated (although soap could be contaminated) but because I liked it so much that I knew if I had it then it would be abused so to take away the temptation I just didn’t have any because I knew I could get by just fine without it and barely miss liquid soap most of the time…

But now I am doing fine and not dealing with that anymore so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to test myself to make sure the OCD is really gone and to kind of reward myself with some liquid soap…’cause I am a child on the inside, and liquid soap makes way better bubbles which is a lot more fun…but plastic shards, though probably less painful than glass shards, kinda hurt when accidentally pressed into your skin…

But on the positive side, my bathroom smells like “Sunny Flowers” this morning…


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