This is LIFE We’ve Been Given

(Live Out Loud–Steven Curtis Chapman)

So, what would you do if…

you saw a baby in a rearfacing carseat in a moving car…but the carseat was not strapped in…just sitting between the FRONT seats with dad having one hand on the carseat to keep it steady?

Yeah, I seriously saw that today and sort of considered following that car and letting them know my opinion…I, however decided against it for three reasons (actually in this order)

  1. I am a dumb-dumb who realized she was missing something when she packed her lunch/dinner and couldn’t figure out what it was so threw a bowl of frozen peas in there…it was the candy I was missing…and by this point I was craving it…
  2. My car really needs more gas in it…except I planned to do it Thursday except it was icky outside…and then I planned to do it on my way home from community group except community group was cancelled…yeah, I drive past a gas station every single day, but I don’t like the one near my apartment because it is hard to get into/ out of and is always excessively busy…
  3. Something was telling me that perhaps they wouldn’t really appreciate my opinion anyway…

So yeah, but I was kind of worried about that baby…

Also, embarrassing side note: I was singing the Barney song to myself on the way into my apartment and didn’t realize someone was behind me until I turned…awkward…


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