Waves will cross the Great Divide

(Together–Krystal Meyers)

Just some random thoughts before I go back to studying…

Most of the time I am an A to Z thinker, and that serves me well. Some people make that out to be a bad thing, but I don’t really see it that way…well I mean except for the Sunday in June that I decided I was never ever touching my cell phone again ever which meant that I could never make a phone call again (umm yeah, except there are other phones besides cell phones even if those other phones require paying for long distance calls…) (but that was also when I was fighting so hard that I didn’t recognize I was burning, so I think that issue can be forgiven…)

See, thinking directly from A to Z means that I see one event and, in turn, see possible sequelae long down the road. Yes, there can be intervening events that will change Z and catch me off guard, but I am frequently right about things…

Thinking in terms of A then B then C is not quite as effective for me…for example, tracing a statement back that I thought this weekend: I deserve to have to pay $500 for this. Why? Because I am a bad person. Why? Because I don’t have that many friends. Why? Because some of them graduated and someone took away my access to the other ones. Why? Because there is someone who hasn’t liked me for a long time and found a way to hurt me…okay, so because someone hurt me I deserve punishment…that makes a lot of sense (no it doesn’t)…ignoring the issues with the individual statements, of course the victim is the one who deserves further punishment (umm no)…isn’t that how things usually work? (umm sometimes)…See, when I think from A to B to C it doesn’t work very well because my reasoning skills that direction are not the greatest, and a small thing thinking in that way is amplified because each of the next assumptions is based on the previous assumption rather than Z resting primarily on A and the distortion occurring just once instead of repetitively through 25 more letters of the alphabet leads to a more accurate thought process…

just sayin’ Don’t bash it until you understand it 🙂

Yeah, that’s all…


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