Check my Vital Signs

(S.O.S.–Krystal Meyers)

I got teased a lot during second year when I was in physics and IPP about being dyslexic…to my knowledge, I am not dyslexic…I just go too fast sometimes and numbers/letters/words get out of order…but it is kind of funny when I look back at the notes I was writing and see something so blatantly messed up that I didn’t realize was wrong until I had finished writing it…here is something I wrote today:


Umm yeah, that first word should have read “furosemide”…hey, at least all the letters are there even if they are in the wrong order…actually, I am pretty impressed with myself, now that I look at it again, the middle letters are all really close to the correct spots, just every two letters are flipped around…and this is why half the time I can’t even decode my own notes if I write with lousy handwriting, because even once the letters are decoded, who knows what frusomedie might mean?!


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