Tell me what is love?

(Beauty of Grace–Krystal Meyers)

I am very blessed. Sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart, but my God loves me and has provided for me greatly. For those to whom much has been given, much will be expected.

Today I saw a car in the middle of the road with a flat tire. Last week that could have been me, but I got to school and security put on the spare for me, and the next day I could go get new tires…they were expensive, but I currently have a functional car.

Today at church I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know that someone fell from the camera platform. I don’t know if he just fell or if something else happened that caused him to fall, but I do know that it is enough of a height that even if it was just a fall that it could be pretty serious. I am currently reasonably healthy.

Today there was a trivia night at school with free food and I was thinking about going, but I decided my SNS was still going too much and it’d be better to go home. I have the freedom to decide whether I’d like to have fun with trivia with friends or whether studying/being productive/solitary relaxation might be better for me. I have the finances to not make my decisions based on food. I do love eating, but I do not make decisions based on free food…the activities I participate in at school would be drastically different if they were based on where the free food was…I prefer to do what interests me, and take care of myself first…if that leads to food then great, but if not, so be it…not the end of the world if I have to provide my own nourishment.

On Thursday, ebola came to my classroom. (The teacher had been on a flight in Dallas the same day as the sick nurse–I am unsure whether it was one of the flights to which they have extended monitoring). I am very blessed that this happened this year when my response was no big deal. It did not phase me a bit to share a classroom or even my pencils with her…last year I would have been looking for an escape and most definitely would have kept my things as far as possible from her…Let’s just say that with the way germs work in my world, I actually would have been freaked out long before finding out my teacher had been on that flight…

On Wednesday I heard that in this city there are girls who see their body for a living, and might be abused by their boyfriend if found not doing so. I have never been in a situation in which I was forced to sell my body. This broke my heart that there are girls waking up to go through this every day.

Everyone has different struggles, and I am not discounting my own struggles any more than I would discount anyone else’s, and there certainly are things in my life that are not going well, but it can be helpful to get some perspective on occasion that I am not alone in facing difficulties in life. Everyone’s Goliath looks different and may change, but God defeated David’s Goliath with a little guy and a sling and a stone, and I have no reason to doubt that God will just let my Goliath crush me. God loves me too much to just abandon me like that. He gave up the LIFE of his only son so that I may live life to the FULL!


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