Don’t give up just keep on trying

(practice practice practice–Mary Kate and Ashley)

I am so proud of myself, so I needed to share and I live alone so I don’t have anyone at home to share with so hello internet friends, you get to hear about my excitement first today!!

So, some background is needed if you don’t know me really well…I am lousy at parallel parking…between being geometrically challenged and not having a good sense of distance, it just is really hard for me…last year I can remember many times spending half an hour trying to get parked and sometimes stopping clearly too far from the curb to call my dad because I was so upset that I was never going to be able to go inside to sleep…(which is a big part of why I started sleeping at school Wednesday nights because adding exhaustion to the mix just greatly increased the frustration level…)…and when I drive one of my friends to church she cheers me on and encourages me as I park because she knows how hard parking can be for me…

Well, I still probably take longer than most people to get adequately parked, but I was super proud of myself and almost stopped to take a picture because I was so excited, because in under 5 minutes I managed to get parked all the way up to the curb in a spot that wasn’t twice the size of my car…It was SO exciting…Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but practice does lead to significant improvement…


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