The resolution to all the fruitless searching

(In Your Eyes–Francesca Battistelli)

…This is some of what working on a therapeutics case looks like…


…And this is why my phone and I can both be on my bed yet I can’t get to it in time when it rings…

…And this is why I have come very close to falling headfirst off the bed trying to get up without messing up what I’m working on…

(My computer is not really curved…that just happened because of the mode I had on phone camera on…and this isn’t even showing all the stuff laid out on my bed…or all the tabs open on my computer…and yes that is an empty bowl in my lap…taking care of dishes doesn’t happen until I need to get up for something else since it is so much effort to get off the bed and I have found that my aim for the trash is about 50:50, but my aim for the dish bin is closer to 15:85, making it not a good idea to try to throw dishes there…)


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