I’ve got everything to lose by not giving up this fight…One More Go One More

(One More–Superchick)

Sorry, I’ve been pretty MIA lately…partly busy-ness…partly I am slowly but surely learning that not EVERYTHING that comes into my head needs to come out through my mouth or my fingers…

Not a lot to say tonight, but tonight’s sermon was great, and so I just wanted to retype my sermon notes…in no particular order since figuring out how to order them would be a nightmare since I write every direction all over my page pretty randomly…The sermon topic was REVENGE! It was really good, and timely as I have recently found myself feeling less forgiving than I should. I have not been setting a very good example of what it means to be a Christian…It doesn’t matter what anyone has done to me, I don’t need to stay in an abusive setting and just take it, but even someone who has hurt me in that way should be forgiven and loved, because they deserve it just as much as I deserve God’s love…which is to say I do not in any way deserve God’s love, but because he gave of it freely and adopted me into his own family, I need to be willing to extend the same compassion to those who have hurt me…and it is hard, but Love is the most powerful thing in the world and through God’s love of me, I can love others.

In an honor-shame culture they took it up a notch each time to God changed it to equality;; The forgiveness of Christ is the only way to move on;; Hate multiplies hate and hurts people.;;They don’t deserve my love, but did I deserve God’s love;; Are you LOVING people who are different–not just not harming them–must actually help them;;Open yourself to people <– ;; When you apologize, ask for forgiveness–own it yourself;; Bitterness puts you on an endless escalator of pain–it never stops;; If I didn’t leave my hurt behind, I would still be in prison;; What do you do with someone you thought was your friend who stabs you in the back–we want them to feel the same pain;; If you are in an abusive situation, you need to Get Out (we’ll help);; GO THE EXTRA MILE! ;; God loves people–you were once enemies with God and he sent the sun;; Take on the burden of others;; Jesus embodied the sermon on the mount;; Father forgive them for they know not what they do;; meet hate with love for double victory so you can transform enemy into friend;; The most powerful love is that for your enemies…Love your enemy, pray for those who persecute you;; Pride keeps us from forgiveness–people ask why;; >>Revenge<< ;; How do I love people who hate me? ;; Because God is the provider, I can let go;; Passive forgiveness–when no one is asking for it–not the same as reconciliation–you can forgive w/o opening your bank account or ❤ again to them;; Jesus turned the other cheek;; you are now a child of the father!! ;; forgiven and loved ❤ ;; We need the modem of grace;; You are a son/daughter–God loves and forgives you–you are an adopted enemy;; Good or bad, God sends you sunshine!! ;; When people have wounded you, don’t hurt them back–forgive them;; I am the representative of an almighty God;; I can choose peace, I can choose patience, because God provides justice;; Did Jesus give me exactly what I deserved, or should I let God be the judge;; Is it weakness or unleashing God’s power–which is harder?;; God gets the glory, I get the freedom;; Love is the most powerful thing in the world;; who has hurt you?–pray for them;; Forgiveness is 1st a choice, then an emotion–feeling WILL come;; GIVE FREELY–JUST GIVE;; Active forgiveness–don’t worry about your pride;; eye for an eye tooth for a tooth represented equality–was to protect ppl–you can’t get more than you deserve and you can’t be exploited–and it is not individual–it is the courts;; If there is no God, you will never have justice for your life;;


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