11 minutes to breathe you in

(Olivianna–JJ Heller)

I am not nearly committed enough to do a 5-minute Friday every week…but I can do an 11-minute Sunday today 🙂 because I have way too many blog post ideas again and no way the ones that aren’t pressing are going to have time to be adequately written about for way too long…so yeah…random mish-mash of  topics…

I think this list speaks for itself…So many ideas on how to love the life you’re living!

  1. What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.
  2. Make it easy to do right and hard to go wrong.
  3. Focus on actions, not outcomes.
  4. By giving something up, we may gain.
  5. Things often get harder before they get easier.
  6. When we give more to ourselves, we can ask more from ourselves.
  7. We’re not very different from other people, but those differences are very important.
  8. It’s easier to change our surroundings than ourselves.
  9. We can’t make people change, but when we change, others may change.
  10. We should make sure the things we do to feel better don’t make us feel worse.
  11. We manage what we monitor.
  12. Once we’re ready to begin, begin now.
  13. To change our habits we first must figure out ourselves

One of my prayers lately has been: thank you God for the friends that I do have. Please let me not pine for the friends that I don’t have. A ton of people (as in 8 that I know of) have blocked me on facebook in the past few years, most of them recently, and as a girl who has relied on internet communication to augment in person communication for so long, that is a hard blow, especially when a good number of those people (as in 3) were originally my facebook friends, and most of them (as in 5ish) are people I would like to see more often than I do, which is what I use facebook for…(4ish because there is one of them that I am not really sure if I’d like to see or not, 3 that I do want to see, 1 no opinion, and 2 I do NOT want to see)…Sometimes I get so stuck on the friends I don’t have that I kind of neglect to feel grateful for the amazing friends that I do still have.

It seems some people failed internet 101 where they were shown how to scroll past things they don’t like…I saw this online recently and I thought it was very true…

I go to a school with probably about 1500 people altogether (1200ish or so students and according to linkedin 201-500 employees). We recently had an opportunity to write about people we think are doing good things. I believe there are just over 500 entries. I think it is really sad that so many people at school can’t even think of one person with any qualities worth acknowledging…Assuming each of those nominations was for a different person, that means that only one in three people on average at our school have anything that anyone else thinks is worth acknowledging. I recognize that partly it is time limited and we have a lot going on, but really, clearly a large number of people couldn’t even think of one other person on campus that had anything in them worth acknowledging. That is sad.

Once a swimmer, always a swimmer…I may no longer actually ever have an opportunity to go swimming, but you can’t even understand how much excited it gives me to put on a swimsuit in the morning even if it is only for a Halloween costume opportunity… 🙂

And my 11 minutes were up 6 minutes ago…


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