I didn’t say all the things that I wanted to say


If you didn’t figure it out from my previous post, that was a topic that I am sort of passionate about and I have more to say…I still don’t have time to say everything, because I am trying to do this thing called school where I like learn things and stuff…but there are more things I want to say…

Life is the greatest gift we have ever been given. God sent his ONLY son. His perfect son, whom he loved greatly. He sent him to DIE so that we could have LIFE to the FULL. God sacrificed so much to be able to give us such a good and perfect gift, and people just throw it away like it doesn’t even matter. They decide that because they don’t understand what they are going through that God must have messed up so they decide they know better than God and take away life.

Life is precious, and something none of us deserve. We all deserve a horribly painful death and existence in Hell, yet God allows us to live anyway…I understand that sometimes death seems preferable to life. I really do, and have even weighed the pros and cons (EDITED TO ADD: This was NOT at all in a suicidal way…more of if the only tool you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail…If I don’t know what to do, I logic the h**k out of the situation, which usually does not lead to a plan of action, but does give me something to do and allows me to explore myself, which some people say is a good thing, although I am not always so sure.), but ultimately, the start and end of any life is not mine to determine. Who am I to tell God that he messed up and life is not worth living? Who am I to tell him that his plans are no good? That is really arrogant to think that your ways ideas are better than God’s.

I get that it hurts deeply now. I get that it feels hopeless and you don’t know if the pain will ever end or if things will ever be better…and I can’t promise that it will go away. I can’t promise that life will be sunshine and daisies. What I can promise is that God came so that you could have life to the full, and you need to understand, you need to believe, that he has your best interest in mind. He knows what you need, and is always there fulfilling his plans to prosper you and give you a hope for the future. It seems hopeless now, I know, and I can’t even promise that it won’t be forever in your Earthly existence, but I do know that there is a reason for it, and I do know that one day there will be a day with no more tears, no more pain…the burdens of this world will be no more and we’ll see Jesus face to face. I am not saying you have to live for tomorrow. I am saying you have to give today a chance. Live for today, see the beauty in today, and don’t end your life for the sake of tomorrow. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. Tomorrow could be the most beautiful day of your life, but you will never know if you end it today.

(and now I need to step off my soapbox, because this is not teaching me anything that my teachers care if I learn…and learning is valuable, but at certain stages of life, it is most valuable to learn what other people want you to know than just to learn in general…also, I think this is a dumb saying…I know when it started it made sense, but now soap boxes are kind of small and would just smoosh if you stood on one, so it is kind of a dumb saying…(puts smashed soap box in trashcan)) 🙂


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