For coming down from Heaven to save a wretch like me, Thank YOU

(Thank you–JJ Heller)

It is easy to be a whine-y pants and complain about all the negative things in life, but some days I look at where I am and am pretty content with certain things…there are some things that are bad…but there are also a lot of good things…like, if I am doing well enough to complain that I want cherry or orange ibuprofen or maybe the teen strength Tylenol (That I am very much aware is no longer produced but doesn’t stop me from whining that I want it sometimes) but only have grape ibuprofen and “pain relief” tabs with aspirin, caffeine, and salicylamide then it is definitely not that bad at all…If I can get three meals and snacks from an event in my mouth then I am doing pretty good…I can remember multiple days such as Christmas Eve a couple years ago when I was in so much physical pain that I was holding myself up on the counters and had to stop in the middle of sentences at work because I just couldn’t breathe…so yeah, this is manageable…

And yeah, the people I wanna be facebook friends with aren’t, and someone changed her facebook name and now I have to see her picture to see some of the other pages I want to see and that is kinda annoying, but it is okay…I am getting used to it though so it doesn’t send ripples of fear and anger through me anymore…and I have so many people that consistently acknowledge my existence now and having conversations with these people whenever I want is pretty exciting…sometimes the words coming out of my mouth are stupid, but the fact that I have people to say stupid things to feels good…and to my credit, some of these things make perfect sense inside my head, so how was I supposed to know that it wasn’t a good idea to tell someone that something they talked about was a long time ago because it happened before I was born…or to scream down three flights of stairs that I wear pants every Thursday evening oh wait nevermind sometimes I wear a skirt…(okay fine, maybe I should have engaged my brain a little more and figured out that those things weren’t so appropriate)…

So yeah, anyway…just bein’ thankful for the things I have and tryin’ not to focus so much on the things I don’t or on the things I wish I didn’t have…

“For painted purple skies. For never telling lies. For giving all you had away. For crying when I cry. Ooh Thank you!”


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