So long status quo I think I just let go You make me wanna be brave

(Brave–Nichole Nordeman)

Before I got too busy in figuring out life stuff and had to cut way back on blog consumption to stay afloat, I was a very diligent daily reader of Annie F. Downs’ blog (AnnieBlogs). I haven’t read much recently because I had to limit myself to just a couple blogs, and if I kept (in)courage, I could get posts from a lot of my bloggy friends, so that made more sense to me than just picking one of them…but I was on Annie’s blog recently and saw that to go along with her (amazing) book Let’s All Be Brave (check out the awesome Bloom book club on it on (in)courage) she has been featuring people doing brave things on her blog (and on twitter with #thatisbrave).

Here is a link to an example that I love, because if you know me in real life, you know that I LOVE CHILDREN!! I am not going to try to find the concept video/blog post, because I can’t remember where I saw it and I can’t remember if it was a blog post or video or both, but anyway. Matthew Turner wrote a children’s book about God…which if you have ever worked in a church nursery, you probably know that you usually groan when a kid picks a book about God to be read, because they are definitely not entertaining, nor do they have good pictures most of the time…but this book has pictures like a secular picture book, and from what I’ve seen of it, it will actually be an enjoyable children’s book, so it actually fills a very real need…but anyway, here it is: Brave Story M & J

So yeah, anyway, I through the book (that I will admit I fell way behind on and started skimming parts of random chapters to keep up with the study and will have to go back and actually for realsies read it this summer) have been thinking about bravery a lot and how I define it. Sometimes I see other people’s brave, but don’t see my own, which I know is backwards of how most people see the world…but anyway, when I am in the right mood to realistically evaluate myself, I do see myself being brave, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in bigger ways every day…at my apartment, starting today, they are doing maintenance on one of the parking lots which means that a lot more people are trying to parallel park, which means a lot less space…and I am not good at parking, so I drove back and forth a few times trying to find a place to park my car, and almost decided to just park a couple streets away, but instead I found a spot that wasn’t as big as I usually do and I tried really hard to park…but even though I was trying really hard, I was getting frustrated, and I was brave and gave up in hopes of a bigger spot…I tried again in another spot, and after 20 minutes I was still not legally parked but completely frustrated, and gave up…but sometimes saying no, I am not going to keep doing this is brave…and really, IDK the parking laws in this state, and I think it would be kind of rude to ticket me over about 6 inches when really if I had a bigger car I wouldn’t be any further away from the curb if I were legally parked anyway…so I walked away and didn’t freak out that I was going to have a ticket in the morning…and if I do then I’ll pay it and move on…there are some things that are not worth my time.

What have you done lately that is brave? Big or small, feel free to share below, or tweet with the hashtag #thatisbrave…I don’t have the energy right now to put together a give away…but you never know what I might do in the future…I mean, I do have the book Let’s All Be Brave…


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