This is LIFE we’ve been given

(Live Out Loud–Steven Curtis Chapman)

Today I was watching a video of someone reading a blog post from one of my former online friends…but she isn’t a former friend based on my lack of time to read or her busy-ness, or drifting apart…she is dead. Those words seem so final, but they are true…death has a final-ness about it that even though Christ defeated death, it still feels like something is missing when someone’s Earthly life ends. I miss Sara “Gitzen Girl” Frankl. She had a genuine loving and caring attitude towards whomever stopped by her blog, and that was so nourishing.

She could not leave her condo because her immune system couldn’t handle the outside world. She lived with pain every day. She still kept her positive attitude, and was never outwardly bitter about it, and I think she probably wasn’t bitter about it internally either. She exuded so much joy in life and was so thankful for what she had. She cared about people. She felt blessed by all the people who cared about her, yet we felt blessed that she would take the time to care about us. She presented herself as a girl who used to write for a magazine to make a living, but now writes a blog to make a life.

In the words of some other people: she was the hurting, she was the broken, yet she ministered to us. She chased down community. (Sara Story Trailer)

Anyway, she had very little, yet she knew how to be thankful for the things you have in life. Maybe you don’t have everything that you want, but if you can enjoy the sun streaming in through the window, you have more than she had. If this summer you will be able to feel the breeze, you will have something she longed for and couldn’t have…in this season of thankfulness, I’d encourage you to check out her post (Gitz–don’t miss it) and notice the little thankful things in your life.


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