That’s not the secret but I know what is

(Cross the line–Superchic[k])

Haha, yeah, so I was so excited about my first giveaway that I forgot the rules…

  1. You can enter one time by commenting on the giveaway post with a valid email address…I am not going to attempt IP tracking or anything to try to police this, so it is on the honor system. (Play it safe, play by the rules, or don’t play at all – what if you lose?)
  2. I am not cool enough yet for rafflecopter or any other giveaway widget, but if you tweet your guess with #greenplasticfroggiveawayguess you can get a second guess.
  3. I am not telling whether the name is an online friend, someone back home, or someone at school, but I am looking for a first name and a last initial so if you wanna make something up then go for it…
  4. You must have a United States mailing address or be someone I can hand the prize off to in person to win.
  5. Contest closes on Wednesday, November 19th whether there is a winner or not.

EDITED TO ADD: And the winner is…NOBODY!! (nope, that isn’t anyone’s username…) Nobody guessed…and actually when I came up with it I thought it was going to stick, but it didn’t…and that person was given a new nickname about two days after I announced the giveaway and the new nickname has stuck so far…


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