This ain’t even about that…all of us just sat back and watched it happen


This was quickly written during a break in class today because I am livid…pardon typos please…

The level of disrespect that people in my class show makes my blood boil sometimes. I totally understand now what my friend in high school meant when she said that she hated her class. At the time that seemed kind of harsh to express hate for a group of people based on the misbehavior of many of them—there certainly were good people in the class as well and were people making bad choices who really did have good aspects of them…but now I get it.

Cheating really bothers me, but there are things that bother me a lot more than that. The blatant disrespect for teachers really bothers me. With cheating you are really mostly jeopardizing your ability to be an effective pharmacist.

When a teacher specifically stops class to comment on how many people are not paying attention that should be a signal to you to START PAYING ATTENTION…but no one did…

One girl even said “Oh, I feel so bad.” I almost turned to her to say either no you don’t, or then show it. This girl in particular sits in class almost every day with her headphones on dancing/mouthing the words or even occasionally singing out loud. She is on her phone texting, on facebook on her computer, looking at notes from another class, and talking to the people around her the entire class. It makes me so mad. Besides how distracting that is, it is exceedingly rude. If you don’t want to be in class and learn then it is my opinion that you should go home and think of something you can do with your life that doesn’t involve schooling.


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