Every day when you wake up breathing…there’s purpose for your life…don’t quit now

(Here for a Reason–Ashes Remain)

As I kind of hinted at yesterday, it really baffles me sometimes how strangely we decide what is worth valuing. Somewhere around 38,000 ish people die every year in the United States from suicide. Somewhere around 35,000 ish people die every year in the United States from car accidents…yet in safety education in high school suicide was never mentioned. We spent about half the trimester “learning” about driving safely (Sorry, I have to put learning in quotations, because that was an awful class–we were required to take notes on the videos we watched but all the lights were turned out so I brought a flashlight so I could see where the lines on my paper were…a couple months later the teacher noticed and I had to turn it off…and the videos were often things like that kids think cars want to be their friend because the lights look like eyes and the front looks like a smiling mouth…umm what?!?!?) and the rest of the semester was spent on stuff like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver…what about issues in wellness you ask? Well, Issues I was mostly about sex, and Issues II, if I remember correctly, was mostly about drugs and death (like old people death, not suicide)…

Someone in this video hit the nail on the head. Oh my…watch for about 30 seconds starting at about 9 minutes. It ALL matters. Why are we up in arms about violence when both European Americans and blacks are involved but we don’t really care if it is all within the same race? (sorry if that isn’t PC, I think black is the PC term du jour but I might be wrong…and I refuse to call myself white: I might be pale, but I am off white with brown speckles, and my ancestors are not from Caucasus so I am not Caucasion…but I am European because further back than anyone in their right mind would bother tracing my ancestors came from Europe…just sayin’ I’d actually prefer we just called everyone Americans…If you were born in America then you are American. If you weren’t born in America then you aren’t American…way easier…’cause if I move to Australia would I be considered American-Australian?…and how long would I need to stay there for my kids or their kids to be considered to have Australian heritage if they moved back to America? See how this gets way complicated and why I think we shouldn’t care so much where ancestors came from?)


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